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A Turn for the Better

Buying or selling a used car can be filled with uncertainty, stress and pressure. That’s why we’ve created a turn for the better – making the buying and selling process fair, fast and easier than ever before.

Our online or in-person process makes it fair, fast and easier than ever before to sell or find a pre-used car that better suits your needs and budget. Join us online or in store, or both. It’s your choice.

How it Works

At blinkr, we promise to be fair, easy and fast. Our goal is to giveyou the best car selling or buying experience in Australia.

Buying a Car

Simply search our huge online range of quality pre-owned cars from home or in our showroom. Once you’ve narrowed down your choice, all you need to do is put down a 48-hour holding deposit which is fully refundable while you confirm your test drive, delivery appointment, or finalise your repayment quote if needed.

Visiting our showroom? Our helpful navigators will be there to guide you to the car that best suits you and your needs.

Selling a Car

At Blinkr, we make the process fair, fast and easy by giving you a competitive, cash or trade-in offer, which is valid for seven days and 200km.

Prefer to drop of your car off yourself? Done! Just contact our friendly team to arrange a suitable time.

The blinkr approach

Less selling, more service Image

Less selling, more service

We don’t just want to sell you a car, we want to help you buy one… the right one, for the right price. That’s why our ‘salespeople’ are actually called ‘Navigators’.

It's your journey - online or in-store Image

It's your journey - online or in-store

Save time by starting your journey online or visit us in-store…you’re driving, we’re riding shotgun…except on our 24 hour test drives!

Get a fair price, and know why Image

Get a fair price, and know why

Buying a car? We’ll make sure you get great value, with no hidden extras. If you’re selling, we’ll make sure you get what your car is worth. In both cases you’ll get a transparent, fair, easy and fast experience.

Included with blinkr

48 hour money back guarantee Image

48 hour money back guarantee

Changed your mind? Found something you love even more? Whatever the reason for your return, just pull a U’ey (safely) and drive straight on back to us – we’ll sort everything out from there.

12 month roadside assist Image

12 month roadside assist

Again, it’s unlikely, but if you have any issues out on the road, you’ll have roadside assist with you quicker than you can say ‘flat battery’, getting you up and running again.

blinkr peace of mind

No immediate expenses Image

No immediate expenses

There’s nothing to put you off a used car quite like seeing it’s got a month left of registration or needs a service. That’s not our style at all. All our cars are covered for a minimum 3 month’s registration and won’t need any kind of immediate routine service. Oh, and the tyres will be in great shape too.

Your choice of extra protection Image

Your choice of extra protection

When it comes to looking after your new car, we know that everyone has different priorities. That’s why we give you the opportunity to beef up your coverage with extended mechanical protection, comprehensive insurance, or vehicle maintenance packages such as on-demand mobile dent repair – the choice is yours!

Here For You Image

Here For You

At blinkr we are here to guide you, even after your purchase. We cater to all forms of communications including online, in-person, or even slide into our DM’s. We have a range of specialists available to you ensuring it’s a smooth ride with blinkr.

Frequently Asked Questions

Buying A Car

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Financing Your Car

Do you offer a finance option?
Does getting an online personalised finance quote impact my credit score?
My online finance personalised finance quote was great! What do I do now?
My finance application has been approved, what do I do now?
Can I still return the car in my 48 hour return period even if I’m buying with finance?
Does blinkr do commercial loans?
I’ve taken up full comprehensive insurance as I needed this for my finance. I have decided to return the car during the 48 hour period. Will I receive a full refund on my insurance policy?
What are my finance loan term options?

Selling / Trade-In

What is a 'blinkr Instant Offer'?
Can I sell my car to blinkr even if I still owe money on it?
How long is my blinkr offer good for?
Will blinkr pick up my car from me?
What happens during the settlement appointment?
What if my car’s condition is different to the answers I provided prior to my appointment?
What documents will I need to bring to the settlement appointment?
When will I get paid?
I am selling a car on behalf of someone else. Who needs to sign the documents?
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